CRA Recertification Guideline

At the end of each five-year period, recertification will be required in order to continue to use the CRA designation.  Recertification applicants must include information on their continued participation/employment in the field of research administration.  A list of educational activities either taken or taught and 3 questions for use on a future certification examination are also required for recertification.

Educational activities may include teaching, serving on a professional journal or newsletter review boards, writing articles, serving on boards of relevant national associations, participating in workshops and seminars, as well as academic courses at an undergraduate or graduate level.  Academic credits will be considered as contact hours.  A recertification fee will also be due at the time the recertification application is filed.

The number of contact hours of education needed for recertification is 80. A list of activities for earning contact hours is available below including hours awarded and maximum hours per activity.

Activities to Earn Contact Hours

Tracking Your Contact Hours

Recertification application contact hours are accepted on the “honor system” and  Research Administrators Certification Council (RACC) will randomly audit 10% of the applications.  If your application is selected for audit, you will be requested to send proof/backup for the required number of recertification contact hours.

Using a log will help you track and monitor all of your contact hours and Certificates of Completion for your upcoming CRA, CPRA or CFRA recertification(s). After you have completed training, teaching or advancing research and sponsored programs administration items, log the individuals items accordingly.

Download the multi year contact hours (CH) spreadsheet for keeping track of CRA, CPRA or CFRA recertification hours.

Tracking Hours Spreadsheet

Moved or Changed Jobs

If you have moved, changed jobs, or know a fellow certificant who has, please make sure that RACC has your current contact information.  To update your information, please send an email to RACC at and include your new employer, job title, and personal and work contact information (e.g. mailing address, phone number and email address).  RACC needs your current contact information on file in order to notify you of recertification deadlines and other important updates.